Buljan student takes Olympic-sized assignment

Kid reporter to cover Games in Vancouver
By: Michelle Carl Press Tribune Editor
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With a videocamera, his laptop and his mom in tow, Roseville middle-schooler Daniel Wetter is headed to Vancouver this weekend. He’ll be covering the second half of the Winter Olympics for Scholastic Kids Press Corp. Since 2008, Daniel has been a correspondent for Scholastic News, a news service by and for kids. In that short time he has interviewed Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and filed stories on everything from the H1N1 virus to last month’s earthquake in Haiti. Wetter, an eighth grader at Buljan Middle School, said his excitement has been building since December, when he got the final OK to cover the Games. “I tried to keep my excitement down, not totally waiting for it,” he said Thursday. “Now that it’s in a couple of days, I’m ready for it. I see the Olympics on TV and think, ‘I’m going there.’” Although he’s not accredited to cover events, Daniel has a few story angles in mind, including security, traffic coming into the country, and the fan perspective. “I think my plan while I’m there is to basically cover the Olympic spirit and feel that as best I can,” he said. His teachers gave him a pass on homework for the week he’s in Vancouver, but he’s been studying up on the Olympics for quite some time. “I’ve been preparing for this for a while. Even when I didn’t know I was going, I researched every single sport. I have 15 pages of notes,” Daniel said. “I didn’t want to get there and have to say, ‘Well, what is luge?’” You can read his reports on the Olympics on the Scholastic News site,, as well as his own news site,