Budget not really balanced

Reader Input
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Probably nothing exemplifies Sacramento chicanery more than the pretense that “the budget is balanced.” Many of the wisps of smoke and shards of mirror have been heralded, but one ploy apparently has not been widely publicized, possibly not publicized at all. This is the acceleration of the schedule of estimated income tax payments. Prior to this year, the Sacramento extortionists required four equal quarterly estimated tax payments. This year the juggling gypsters require the minimum to be 30 percent during the first quarter, 40 percent the second quarter and 30 percent the fourth quarter. The result of this manipulation is that taxpayers who make estimated tax payments will pay 70 percent of the year’s tax the 2011-12 fiscal year and 30 percent in the 2012-13 fiscal year. Thus, not only will the state extract “income tax” before the income is received, but part of the fiscal year 2012 budget deficit will be postponed until fiscal year 2013. Dan Sokol, Roseville