Brown puts business interests at top of his agenda

Local business owner seeks seat on City Council
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the last in a series of Press Tribune profiles of the six candidates for Roseville City Council. All profiles are available online at ---------- David Brown’s parents, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles all live within a 10-mile radius of his house. The Roseville resident has no plans on leaving the place he’s called home since April 2009. “I want to stay here,” Brown said. “I want my kids to be raised here. I love Roseville, it is by far the best city I’ve lived in.” Brown, 41, is running for Roseville City Council. He’s up against five other people to fill two vacant council seats. The election takes place Tuesday, Nov. 2. The small business owner — who runs RiverCity Benefits and Insurance Services — said he’s not running for the sake of climbing the political ladder. Rather, he wants to ensure that Roseville continues to be the ideal place to raise his family and grow his business. “I’m not the political insider,” Brown said. “I’m the outside guy. I want to see the City of Roseville succeed. I don’t want to be a city council member because I want to be a city council member. I feel I have no choice.” Brown said he’s worried about the path the government has taken and the impact local, state and federal regulations have on business. Through his company, he sees his clients struggling to stay afloat in the current economic climate. “My goal is to bring that business-owner perspective,” Brown said. “We’ve got to help businesses succeed. If businesses don’t succeed, Roseville won’t succeed.” Raised in Phoenix, Brown served in the U.S. Navy just shy of 10 years. During that time in the late-1980s, his parents moved to Roseville and established roots. Brown moved to the Sacramento region in 1998 and launched his own business in 2000. He and his wife Erin left Natomas and moved to Roseville with their son Tyler in tow about a year and a half ago. They later had son Ryan. Since relocating, Brown has continued to run his company. “Over the last 10 years, I’ve seen businesses suffer significantly because of government trying to collect more and more fees,” Brown said. “With the economic downturn, I said, ‘I’ve had enough’ and decided to actually do something about it.” If elected, Brown said his top priority would be creating a better business environment. He’s opposed to new fees and wants the city to develop aggressive incentives to bring in companies, possibly by recruiting employers from Sacramento. “There’s no reason we shouldn’t be a nice shining light,” he said. “Hey, bring your business to Roseville. We’re not as expensive. Our (electric) power is not as expensive. We’re not going to nickel and dime you to death. We have a lower sales tax than Sacramento.” He supports the Drexel University proposal to build a campus west of Roseville, saying it would stimulate the fastest job growth and best economic recovery in the shortest length of time. He’s also a fan of smaller government in size and cost. He’s not concerned with environmental issues, instead worried more about the impact of climate-change legislation on business owners. If elected, Brown said he also wants the council to consider pension reform for city employees. Otherwise, though, he doesn’t see a lot of problems with the city he calls home. “I like the people that live in Roseville,” Brown said. “I like the golf courses. I like spending time here. I like the family focus. I like the school system. Roseville offers more than any other community, as far as I’m concerned.” Brown has been endorsed by Roseville business owner Mike Megown, business owner Ed Wolcik, business owner Dave Malone, Sacramento business owner Dave Bauer and resident Barbara Curtis among others. Local attorney Mark Arruti also endorses Brown. The two met a couple years ago and Brown takes care of health insurance services for Arruti’s law firm. “He’s straight-forward and direct,” Arruti said. “He’s reliable and conscientious. I think he’d do a good job. It’s a difficult political climate … he’s interested in making sure money is spent frugally and I think that’s a good thing in today’s society.” Brown has kept his campaign low-key. He said he hasn’t been fundraising because he doesn’t expect people to give him money in these hard economic times. While other candidates may be out canvassing their neighborhoods, Brown engages in home-improvement projects on the weekends. His family also goes camping around northern California in their recreational vehicle. “You got to take the little kids and show them the outdoors,” he said. “I grew up camping, hunting, fishing. We probably did that 15 weekends out of the year.” An avid fly-fisherman, Brown spent five days in Mexico this summer with three of his buddies fishing. He caught a 30-pound roosterfish in shallow water. “I caught a fish I’m proud of,” he said. “We had a good time.” Sena Christian can be reached at ---------- For more information about David Brown’s campaign, visit and search “David Brown” and “Roseville.”