Bright times at ‘Solar Day’

Annual event showcases energy-efficient products and services
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With the unusually rainy spring, Roseville residents may be excited to revel in the newfound gloriousness of the sun, which showed up just in time for All Things Solar Day.

Rediscover the benefits of the sun — its warmth, light, power — during the 4th annual event Saturday, June 18, which celebrates the sun by exploring technologies that allow us to utilize its power.

“Powering everything from the wind to the water cycle, all life is possible because of that big yellow ball in the sky,” said Matthew Davis, community relations coordinator for the Roseville Utility Exploration Center.

The event, hosted by the center and Roseville Electric, gives visitors the chance to meet with local solar companies showcasing their energy-efficient products and services. Learn how solar technologies make homes more comfortable, and save homeowners energy and money.

Children will get to make solar arts and craft projects, such as necklaces using magical beads that change colors in the sun. Curby the talking Trash Can Robot will be on hand for a photo shoot with kids — so bring your camera.

Attendees may notice a scrumptious smell at Solar Day. That will be drifting over from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s display, where samples of brownies and cornbread made from solar ovens will be available. The food is made from sun-powered ovens sold for everyday use.

Roseville Electric will host a workshop at 11 a.m. on Solar Day to answer questions about solar energy bills. At 1 p.m. learn about the process to have rooftop solar panels installed and how to get corresponding rebates.

~ Sena Christian


All Things Solar Day
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 18
Where: In front of the Mahany Park Riley Library, 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd. in Roseville
Cost: Free
Info: Call (916) 746-1550 or visit