Blueberry pens poem in honor of veterans

'The Sacrifice' inspired by stack of Bibles
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Poet Peter Blueberry said he was inspired to write “The Sacrifice” as his church, Fellowship Church of Granite Bay, prepares to send 3,500 signed Bibles to troops.

“I was sitting in the church one day, and the pastor had all the Bibles in the front near the stage,” he shared. “It was a huge mountain of Bibles and they had not all been signed yet. It just struck me that I should do something special, but I didn’t know what. I teared up a bit and became impressed that I should write a poem honoring these solders and I did.”

He also brought home 30 boxes of Bibles, signed them all and put the poem in each one.


The Sacrifice

To the Vet I’ve never met,

And to the Soldier I never knew,

For the life that you’ve laid down,

And the sacrifice we’ve asked of you.


You give us life with freedoms ring;

No one, nowhere can match,

And it’s by your sacrifice,

That freedom’s seed will hatch.


Through your spirit people see

The darkness fade to light;

The outstretched hand you offer up,

To give them back their sight.


Into harm’s way you willingly go,

Without a second thought,

For it’s YOU who pays the precious price

For the freedom that we’ve bought.


And, it is OF you, the soldier born

Of a spirit’s gentle might,

That the wage is paid, the sacrifice made,

To change what’s wrong to right.


So, we weep for those who bear the scars

And mourn those who paid full measure.

And we salute all you who’ve earned the right

To be called our Nation’s Highest Treasure.


And if your faith should wane a bit

From the things we ask of you,

Just know the we, The United States,

Have not lost our faith in you.


So, keep your eyes clear and keen,

And your focus sharp and bright,

For your Nation stands by your side

As we pray you’ll be all right.