Blue Line Gallery displays scary art

Gallery features 8th annual Children's Open Art Show, with theme 'What Scares Me Most'
By: Sena Christian, The Press Tribune
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When 8-year-old Sophia Gibson heard about the theme for a local art competition, she knew exactly what she would paint. The theme for Roseville Arts’ 8th annual Children’s Open Art Show was “What Scares Me Most.” Sophia’s idea for her painting: Clowns, or more specifically, a jester. She named the piece, “Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns.” “Clowns are really scary,” Sophia said. “They’re creepy. I like the clowns that make the balloon animals. But not the ones with makeup.” Sophia’s latest masterpiece is currently on display at Roseville Arts’ Blue Line Gallery as part of the nonprofit organization’s kids’ art show. Forty-six young artists, ages 5-13, submitted their work for the competition. Curator Beth Rohlfes thought of the idea to focus on what scares kids. “Considering how complicated our world is these days with all the difficult issues, I was interested in whether this was affecting our children,” Rohles said. The results of the competition, though, illustrate the “normal kids’ things to be afraid of, such as the dark, sharks and the waves of the ocean,” she said. Only one child expressed a more serious global concern by portraying the image of a dying earth. “It’s always refreshing to see how children approach their artwork,” Rohfes said. “It’s not as structured as adults. It’s more open and free, and it’s fun to see.” Sophia decided to participate after hearing about the contest from her teacher at St. Albans Country Day School. The budding artist spent most of her summer break painting and drawing to further develop her talents. The third grader now has a handful of original pieces of art to show for her efforts. She’s done drawings of fish, butterflies, a turkey, trees, houses, a “face with crazy hair,” and paintings of caribous and an eagle. Her studio — the dining room table in her family’s house in Roseville — boasts containers of acrylic paints and brushes waiting for the third grader to attempt her next great work of art. This year’s award juror, artist Linda Green, honored Sophia with the Design Award for her age category — nine awards were given total — during a presentation at the exhibit’s grand opening Saturday. Sophia wasn’t expecting to have her work recognized. “I was surprised,” she said. As an award winner, Sophia received a gift of art supplies. The Best of Show recipient Aidan Alvarez, 7, of Orangevale received a U.S. savings bond from California Bank & Trust. Another artist honored Saturday night with a Design Award was Kassidy Horner, and she was joined by a whole entourage of family members and friends. The 10-year-old painted “Big Scary Bumble Bees,” using acrylics on canvas. The image shows a hand holding a daisy and two bees trying to sting the hand. “I have actually seen that happen before,” Kassidy said. In fact, an unprovoked bee attack once happened to Kassidy and her friend. She thinks they accidentally disturbed a nest and each girl got stung four or five times. A bee stung her friend near an eye, which then swelled up. Kassidy started taking art lessons as a 7-year-old. The 5th grader at Dry Creek Elementary School now considers art her favorite subject matter to study and practice. “It’s fun to see what you can accomplish,” she said. “When I get older I want to be a famous artist, like Vincent Van Gogh.” Sena Christian can be reached at ---------- 8th annual Children’s Open Art Show Best of Show Award Aidan Alvarez , 7, of Orangevale Design Awards Alecia Clark, 13, of Roseville Kassidy Horner, 10, of Roseville Sophia Gibson, 8, of Roseville Ryan Santos, 6, of Roseville Impact Awards Taylor Turner, 13, of North Highlands Saawan Tiwari, 10, of Granite Bay Kieran Taber, 8, of Granite Bay Barbara Maldonado, 7, of Rocklin ---------- What: “What Scares Me Most,” 8th annual Children’s Open Art Show When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays until Sept. 18 Where: Blue Line Gallery, 405 Vernon St., Suite 100 in Roseville Cost: Free. Artwork for sale Info: or call (916) 783-4117