Biz Buzz: Grandma's Kitchen opens in Granite Bay

By: Scott Thomas Anderson, Editor
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Grandma's Kitchen is located at 8425 Sierra College Boulevard

The new Grandma’s Kitchen in Granite Bay may not actually have a wise, elderly woman slaving over its stoves, but it does emit the searing smells of freshly cut produce cooking with meats and eggs.

Owned by Jose Valladares and Claud Fernandez, Grandma’s Kitchen is meant to invoke the quality of home-cooked meals, using locally sourced vegetables and meats that are bought daily.

“There’s no freezers or food storage in this place,” Valladares said. “Everything is fresh and made from scratch.”

Valladares and Fernandez have ample experience in the restaurant business, both having worked at Thunder Valley Casino and locations of The Yard House. One morning, while eating breakfast at a diner, the two men had an epiphany.

“We realized there are all of these chain diners for breakfast that are jammed packed with people, even though their food is really crappy,” Valladares recalled. “We thought, what if we opened a place that has the fast service, but still puts exceptionally good food on the plate? That’s our main idea.”

Grandma’s Kitchen held its ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday morning. The menu it unveiled was a balanced mix of Mexican and American standards, along with some specialty offerings such as its traditional Cuban pulled pork sandwich. A number of customers Wednesday morning gave high marks to various breakfast options. For Valladares, the taste is the whole point of any dining experience.

“When the food is good you feel at home,” he said. “That’s why we want to remind people of coming into their grandma’s kitchen.”

Grandma's Kitchen is located at 8425 Sierra College Boulevard.