Big tests await next city manager

By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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Roseville’s next city manager is looking at a pay cut. Wednesday afternoon, the Roseville City Council met with Bob Murray, of Bob Murray and Associates, who is leading the recruitment and search for the next city manager. Murray suggested that the next city manager’s annual salary be in the neighborhood of $240,000 pending qualifications. As for benefits, he said should be comparable to other department heads in the organization and city managers in the vicinity. This is $33,000 less than the $273,000 that former city manager Craig Robinson claimed for his annual salary. The council dismissed Robinson from his post on Oct. 7 citing “deteriorating communication” as the reason behind their decision. The total cost of Robinson’s package, including benefits was $390,136 a cost that Murray suggested the city not repeat. “People have been following the press, they know what Craig (Robinson) made,” Murray said. “I’ve told them I can guarantee that’s not what the next city manager will make.” Roseville resident Phil Ozenik requested that the council do away with frivolous benefits like a car allowance and incremental pay increases over other department heads that Robinson received. Prior to Wednesday’s meeting, Murray had met with each member of the council to discuss the qualifications that are expected of the city’s next manager. Murray said the council was unanimous in hoping that the next manager be perceptive to the challenges and opportunities facing the city and named the current economic recession and the future growth of Roseville as examples. The council had voiced concern that the next city manager would help guide the city’s electric utility and be sensitive to rate increases. Murray suggested testing the prospective candidates to see “which one can walk across water.” “Beyond that, what I understand to be most important is strong interpersonal skills,” Murray said. “Someone who will take what people say into consideration and can work with council to impose their direction.” The Roseville position is currently posted on the Bob Murray and Associates Web site.