Big Daddy Pizza and Adam Sandler make a great night

Pizza, a Movie and 2 Sisters!
By: Emma Boyle (with help from sister Reagan)
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Big Daddy’s Pizza

Rating: 5 slices out of 5

Our mission: To taste pizza around town, enjoy a movie, and have fun sharing our experience!

Pizza: Big Daddy’s Pizza in Rocklin

Movie: “Jack and Jill” (starring Adam Sandler)

Big Daddy’s is the name!

As I open my box of half pepperoni and half cheese pizza, the scent of pepperoni fills the air.

The scoop-shaped pepperonis are packed with a quick spice of flavor, which dances on my tongue.

The crust is crunchy, but the inside is soft as clouds. The perfect layer of cheese rests on the light sauce and hot bread.

With each bite my mouth is guaranteed a perfect taste.

My sister reports, that the cheese pizza has a soft crunchy crust with melting cheese, which makes her say, “YUMM!”

Sandler delivers belly laughs

Adam Sandler plays Jack and his twin sister Jill. Mr. Sandler’s range of humor reaches my mom (the adult) and touches me (the 9 year old).

Everyone loves Jill, but Jack is embarrassed by her fun and crazy personality.

Jack and Jill make me laugh, because Jack tries so hard to get Al Pacino to star in a donut commercial called, “The Dunk-a-chino.” The song and dance give me a deep belly laugh!

Get ready to greet several stars popping in and out of the movie.

I can’t tell you anymore, because you need to experience the Double Dutch fun, and the deep belly laugh. “Auck Mock uh-Doe Doe.”

Pizza, a Movie and 2 Sisters! is submitted by Emma Boyle, 9, and sister Reagan, 6. The Roseville girls review take-out pizza and a movie each month at