Bicyclists need to follow traffic rules, Sheriff’s say

Law enforcement launching campaign to enforce laws, keep roads safe
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The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is planning enforcement campaigns in response to complaints of bicyclists failing to obey traffic rules. “It’s hard to argue that bicycling isn’t a great form of recreation and fitness, but it’s also important to get home safely,” said Capt. David Harris in a news release. “As such, our primary concern at the Sheriff’s Office is to avoid a tragic accident. To that end, we are planning enforcement campaigns to remind bicyclists and motorists that we need to share the roadways and to stay safe.” Harris said that some of the most common areas deputies field cycling complaints from include Taylor Road at Penryn Road, English Colony, King Road crossing and Douglas Road crossing in Granite Bay. The most common complaint: failure to yield at those intersections, Harris said. “While it is understandable that cyclists are reluctant to stop their momentum or start on a hill, they are required to follow the same rules of the road as motorists,” Harris said. “Likewise, bicyclists have the same right to be on the road as motorists.” Harris emphasized that it is important for both groups of travelers to have a heightened awareness of others and respect the rules of the road. “We’re asking bicyclists to obey the rules of the road and for motorists to have patience with the cycling public,” Harris said. “Some common courtesy from both groups might save a life.” Some tips for road cyclists to stay safe include: - Ride single file along the side of the road. - Ride in the direction of traffic, not against it (that’s for pedestrians.) - Stop at intersections, especially four-way stops. - Assume the motoring public doesn’t see you; they’re looking for other cars. - Watch for vehicles pulling out from driveways or intersections. - Motorists assume you will obey stop signs and red lights, you should. - Remember that motorists are surrounded by 2,000 pounds of steel and plastic, you have padded shorts. ~ Staff report