Beware when selling your stuff

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Not all selling experiences are good ones. Last year at the “Treasure Hunters Roadshow” held at The Ridge Golf Course, I sold five antique documents. My naiveté made the assumption that I would be given a fair price. The buyer kept asking what I wanted for the documents and I kept repeating I didn’t know what they were worth. Having been a long-time viewer of PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow,” I thought I would be helped with value and pricing. After many tiring hours of waiting for the buyer’s phone confirmations, I made a regretful and stupid mistake. You must know the value of your items before you go. Their job is to make money off of the seller. I was initially elated to receive $5,000. When I got home and later learned that just one of the five documents alone was worth four to five times the amount I received, I was chagrined and embarrassed.   It was a painful lesson. Some life lessons are more costly than others. Smarter but still smarting. Lynne Sutter, Eden Valley