Better use for money

Reader Input
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Our imperialistic, paternalistic, bureaucratic, self-deluded ?planners? have again decided to punish any driver who dares to use the streets of Roseville (?Drivers ? are you ready for a roundabout?? Press Tribune, May 9). They want more traffic circles, renamed roundabouts to make them sound more eloquent. Currently, there are only about six traffic circles to interfere with traffic. All of these on public streets are on streets that have little traffic, so they cause relatively little hardship. Nevertheless, our incomprehensible city council actually hired consultants to find a location for a traffic circle that would harass more drivers. The consultant found a location that fulfilled the perverse expectations of the planners ? the corner of Oak Street and Washington Boulevard. The only problem was that the project would eliminate a traffic signal. But the consultant was quick to recover by proposing installation of signals at Oak and Grants streets and at Oak and Lincoln streets. Therefore we will have a net gain instead of a net loss of a signal. Roseville bureaucrats proposed and Roseville politicians approved the expenditure of $1.3 million, yes $1,300,000, from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds for the traffic circle. The money for the new traffic circles will come from mitigation fees. Probably every Roseville resident who is not infected with government financing can think of better uses for that money. Dan Sokol, Roseville