Bears spotted in Granite Bay, Roseville

Momma and three cubs wander through neighborhood
By: Jon Brines Press Tribune Correspondent
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Rocklin resident Kristin Janda was driving to work Saturday morning when a big hairy animal came out from behind a parked SUV near the intersection of Scarborough Drive and Claudio Way. “I came to the stop sign and looked over and I went, ‘Oh, my gosh that is the biggest dog,’” Janda said. She quickly realized it was a black bear with three cubs in tow. Curiosity got the best of her as she began to follow them from the safety of her Lexus SUV. “They’re right up on people’s lawns and kind of looking in the windows,” Janda said. “I think I started annoying them because the mom reared up and ran across the street.” Janda said that’s when she got the feeling it was time to go. “I didn’t feel threatened but it was absolute alarm immediately,” Janda said. “I was thinking, anyone out to get their newspaper?” A couple were out for their 7 a.m. walk and Janda felt the need to give them a tip. “I rolled my window down and said, ‘Hey guys, you don’t want to go down there because there’s a family of bears. They looked at me like, what? I said, ‘I’m not kidding.’ They high-tailed it the opposite direction.” Later that morning Mahvash Aramesh was visiting her friend’s house along Miner’s Ravine Trail. “The neighbor said don’t let the dog out — because there is a bear playing in the backyard,” Aramesh said. A bear had climbed the fence she said. Aramesh thinks the bears were heading down to get the turkeys who like to sleep in a big oak tree along the trail. “In six years of living here I’ve never seen a one,” Aramesh said. The four bears may be the same group spotted earlier in the day by a Granite Bay couple who saw them outside their backyard fence near Miner’s Ravine. That area is just over two miles west of the Roseville sighting. If you see a bear don’t approach it, call the California Department of Fish and Game. If the bear is acting aggressively call 911, according to Fish and Game. In October 2009, a mother and two cubs were spotted in a tree in Granite Bay North Lake Circle. There are an estimated 35,000 black bears living in California. Roseville resident Peli Fong is not afraid of the bears but afraid for them as more sightings could alarm more people. “I just hope they don’t kill them,” Fong said. “They are just looking for food like everybody else.” The sightings down her street surprised Roseville resident Janet Crabtree who is now second guessing what to do with her garbage. “I never thought about the garbage,” Crabtree said. “When you go to Yosemite you have to keep everything under lock and key but (here) I don’t know.”