Bayside sets up camp in Sacramento

Breakaway children’s day camp held at affordable
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For the first time in the history of Bayside Church's Breakaway children's day camp, the event took place off campus.

The kids left Granite Bay from July 16 through July 20 to join some 200 children from Alder Grove, an affordable housing complex located in south Sacramento, at Bayside's Midtown campus. Kids from the housing complex were treated to fun activities, meals and more at no charge.

The camp, which costs nearly $18,000 or $89 per person, was paid for by Bayside youth who donated to the church's Compassion FIRST Campaign in May.

Hundreds of kids from preschool through high school collected cash in Ben 'n Jerry containers and Pringles cans raised from lemonade stands, art auctions, garage sales and more. Compassion FIRST raised about $2 million to help those in need.

~ Sena Christian