Bat tests positive for rabies in south Placer County

Pets should be vaccinated against rabies
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An injured bat tested positive for rabies, according to a news release issued Thursday.

The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat, which is native to North America and abundant in Placer County, was picked up by Placer County Animal Control in early June. The bat was euthanized and sent to a state lab for testing.

The Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic said the discovery of a rabid bat in the region serves as a reminder that all pets should be current on their rabies vaccine.

The rabies virus is transmitted from infected wildlife species like bats, skunks and raccoons to domestic pets like cats and dogs. Pet owners should check their pet's vaccine history with their veterinarian.

The rabies vaccine booster is given every three years to dogs after the initial adult pet vaccine series is complete and either annually or every three years to cats, depending on the vaccine type.

~ Staff report