Bailout of Chrysler, GM leaves Ford at disadvantage

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In our Government’s rush to save the auto industry by throwing billions at GM and Chrysler, nobody seems to be examining how these billions will affect the competitiveness of Ford. The one company that seems to have done things right, or at least a lot better than GM and Chrysler, may now be at a considerable competitive disadvantage because the Government is spending billions to prop up the other two companies. Like so many others in this financial mess who tried to do things right by paying their bills and mortgages, they will find themselves getting little or no help from the President and Congress. GM gets billions to develop new products, to guarantee warranty expanses, to pay healthcare costs, etc. while Ford gets the shaft. As a taxpayer, I’m not sure I see the fairness in this situation, but who in Government worries about fairness these days. We now have the US Government with a Socialist toehold in one of the largest industries in this Country. Don Perera, Rocklin