Back and Forth: Get to Know Your Source Server

Diana Todd is a manager and server at Source Global Tapas in Granite Bay
By: Toby Lewis Granite Bay View Correspondent
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Diana Todd is a manager and server at Source Global Tapas, in the Quarry Ponds Town Center in Granite Bay. The California native recently relocated from Truckee to Folsom and has been working at Source for almost a year.

I sat down for a candid conversation with Todd to talk about what it’s like working at a local restaurant.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Santa Ynez, and then for high school I moved to the Central Valley. It was a little bit of a shock there, but definitely misery is impetus for change, so…

What do you like about working in Granite Bay?

Probably the overwhelming sense of community. Everyone really supports everyone else and even in the shopping center — Hawks, Pete’s, all of them, are really great neighbors. If you need something, they are all really there for you. I would say Roseville is huge and the Sacramento metro area is huge, and this place still maintains a sense of community. It is not at all what I thought it would be.

What did you think it would be like out here?

I lived in Palo Alto for a little while and I thought it would be similar to that. I thought it would be a lot of new money and a lot of people driving fancy cars and trying to prove something to someone else. And it is absolutely not.

With the change in the economy, several of our guests (at Source) are new to Granite Bay. And they said they moved here because of the schools, so their children could have the quality of education that is here. I really like that it is a community supporting itself.

What attracted you to the restaurant business?

Well, for my first restaurant job, I was 15 and a half and I got a work permit. My friends were working at a local restaurant and so I started working there. It worked out well for me. I definitely have to stay moving and I really, really like people.

For a long time there was growth and change with food and cocktails, and (a movement to-ward) farm-to-table. But my first job was just a total accident. You know, you’re 15 and either you get a job at the mall or you get a job in a restaurant.

What do you mean by farm-to-table?

We serve, here in the summer, Heidi Watanabe’s tomatoes, and I’ve been out to the (West Sacramento) farm and we’ve picked those tomatoes. And then the next morning, we load them into boxes and drive them out here, and we slice them and put them on a plate. So farm-to-ta-ble is knowing where your food is grown. It doesn’t go to a cooling unit, it doesn’t go to a warehouse — it literally comes from the farm. In the winter, we serve a lot of stuff from Otow Orchards, and you could walk to Otow Orchards from here, if you really wanted to. They pick it, we slice it and put it on our menu.

It seems like a lot of restaurants are doing that nowadays.

It’s very, very popular. I would wholeheartedly agree. And we’re a little bit of a mix here. With everything that we can, we do local, but then my boss is all about quality, and so if something isn’t the best here, he’ll get it from someplace else. We have quite a few things that come from Spain or Greece, that come from around the world, be-cause he tasted a domestic product and it wasn’t the same.

How do you feel about the Granite Bay restaurant community?

I feel great about the people involved in it. I feel a little sad that it is not larger. The more going on in this shopping center and the more going on in Granite Bay, then the better it is, the more we have a possibility to get people from outside to come here. I want the Granite Bay restaurant scene to grow.

What do you do when you are not working?

I like to be outside. Living in Truckee it was skiing 100 days a year and hiking in the summer. I’m a raft guide, I whitewater kayak, I just learned to surf because I got to move down here and the coast is so close.

Where do you like to go backpacking?

In Tahoe, probably Desolation Wilderness, which is really easy for a lot of people. And it is huge. There is a hike called Ellis Peak. You go along this ridge and look out over Desolation and it really sums up exactly why they call it that and just how massive it is. You start out at the lake and then the big trees and you end up in these huge slabs of granite. It feels like the world is new, like some dinosaur might peek out from somewhere. It’s such an interesting landscape.

And then, luckily around here, we’re really close to the north fork of the American River. The canyon of the north fork is some of the most amazing wilderness I’ve ever seen. The water is crystal-clear and you can see the bottom.

Do you think the Giants have it in them to win back-to-back World Series titles?

Without a doubt. Can you say three-peat? For sure. You know, the Giants are a team and not just a couple million-dollar players. I don’t think that changes one year from the next, because we didn’t buy someone new to change who we were.