Assessor appointment will have big impact

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On Nov. 4 the Placer County Supervisors will appoint a new assessor for Placer County. This decision will have an immense impact on the fiscal condition of our county. Currently the Assessor’s office appears to be in disarray. Many of the office’s staff seems to lack adequate appraisal training or have the ability to make convincing professional presentations before the Assessment Appeals Board. The valuation of property presents a large majority of the workload of this office and has a tremendous economic impact on our county’s tax revenues. The current Assessors office needs leadership from a person who has an exceptional background in appraisal work, has the ability to work with other department leaders, create a team building atmosphere, which is conducive to working with other departments, and has the ability to train staff and professional personnel in performing the duties of the Assessor’s office. State Probate Referee Kevin Eckard has submitted his application for this position. I have known Kevin since my high school years when I instructed him in the Auburn Recreation Park kid wrestling program. Professionally at my certified public accounting firm, I have been associated with Kevin over the past 12 years. As an appraisal and state probate referee he is a valuable asset to my firm when valuation of estates or property becomes an issues for any of my clients. He has always been generous with time and talent to assist my firm. Kevin and I are very interested in politics of Placer County. We have worked together during many political campaigns over the last 20 years. Kevin was the campaign manager of my successful bid for election to the Placer County Board of Education. We made current history as I was able to unseat an elected incumbent. Kevin and I ran the campaign to elect supervisor Jim Holmes in 2004 and 2008. Kevin was his campaign manager and I was his treasurer. We developed strategy, managed candidates, organized mailers, walking pieces and raised campaign funds. He has been very active in political circles and enjoys a broad base of political relationships. If appointed, Kevin must run a campaign for election in two years time. Mr. Kevin Eckard has the professional background, the work experience in both the public and private sector and possesses the temperament to make an outstanding assessor for Placer County. I ask each of the supervisors to act favorably on his appointment as assessor of Placer County. E. Ken Tokutomi, CPA Trustee, Placer Country Board of Education