Are you ready to be entertained?

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The Sierra Gold Chorus Christmas show, a Julia Child parody, has all the ingredients of music and fun to satisfy your entertainment appetite. The chorus, under the direction of Barb Tincher is the main course. Sierra Belles, Infusion, the Christmas Chorus, and several other quartets will add some extra spice. For dessert, the Neutraltones quartet will be featured at the Auburn show.
Every October, Sierra Gold Chorus invites women of the community to join the Christmas Chorus in singing traditional and modern Christmas carols at the Annual Christmas Show. However, women are invited to attend rehearsals throughout the year on Monday evenings at 7 Burback Hall, DeWitt Center, 11577 E Ave. in Auburn.

the joy of music
What: Annual Christmas show
When: 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12
Where: Parkside Nazarene Church, 3885 Richardson Drive in Auburn
Cost: Presale, adults $12, seniors and children 12 and under are $5. Day of show, all adults $15, children 12 and under $5.
Info:  Joan at (530) 367-3532; Carolie at (530) 478-0130; Bev at 663-2105; Barbara (530) 885-4202. To schedule a performance, call Marion at (530) 889-2842.