Approval for adjustments in utility rates sought

City View
By: W. Craig Robinson Roseville City Manager
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To maintain our reliable service, Roseville Electric and Environmental Utilities will be asking the City Council this month to approve water, wastewater and sewer rate adjustments and a hydro electric surcharge. The demand and expectation for reliable electricity, water, sewer and solid waste services remains unaffected by the economic climate. While we realize it’s a tough time to consider rate changes, the need to maintain infrastructure and fiscal integrity is critical to the successful delivery of these necessary services. In the meantime, we’ve taken every opportunity to cut our expenses. Environmental Utilities and Roseville Electric have reigned in expenditures, holding the line on labor costs, leaving vacancies unfilled, and delaying capital improvement projects while reducing program, travel and training costs. Even with the proposed rate changes, citizens and businesses in Roseville will continue to enjoy some of the some of the lowest utility rates in the region. Our low rates and reliable service promote economic development, as well as allow existing business owners to maintain service levels to their customers in an unpredictable economy. To explain our needs, Environmental Utilities sent notices to all its customers in January. At the end of last year, Roseville Electric and EU conducted several public workshops, met with our community’s largest employers, discussed our options with the Chamber of Commerce and reviewed our plans with Roseville’s Public Utilities Commission. Two more public hearings are scheduled this month with the City Council in its chambers, 311 Vernon St. in Roseville. The first hearing is 7 p.m., today on the water, sewer and solid waste rates. The second public hearing is set for 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 18 to discuss Roseville Electric’s hydro electric surcharge and restructuring of the climate mitigation fee. In the meantime, we hope you’ll consider new ways to conserve our resources and save money through energy efficiency retrofit projects, water conservation programs and recycling. Visit or for details. It’s important that we use only what we need.