Another View: Why Supervisor Kirk Uhler will be recalled

By: Marlene George, Save Granite Bay
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Ask anyone in District 4 as we did and you’ll find opinion is fairly universal: Kirk Uhler is a failure as county supervisor.
He serves only himself and listens only to those who pay him. He used his position for personal financial gain as an executive officer with stock options in Solar Power Inc. Upon losing his Solar Power job the county hired his wife during a hiring freeze for an unadvertised position while workers with county seniority faced furloughs and were begging for their jobs.
He ran unopposed yet took tens of thousands of campaign dollars from developers. Why? Every decision and action since he took office relates to how land in his district will be used. His first priority after taking office was not the massive county budget deficit, but to change the Granite Bay Community Plan for the benefit of developers.
As the Granite Bay Sheriff Station was being closed for lack of funds, Uhler authorized expensive community mailings to every household to obtain community input and then ignored that input. He was told: Do not change the Granite Bay Community Plan.
He forged ahead and spent additional county funds on community opinion surveys with the same outcome. He invited property owners and developers to submit zoning change proposals as part of the “review” yet steadfastly refused to tell the community how the land use requests would be decided.
Now that Uhler has been served with a notice of recall, he touts the cost of the recall to the taxpayers. He did not show the same fiscal concern in April when he authorized the Planning Department to place an expenditure in the 2010/2011 county budget that would have allocated up to $750,000 of taxpayer money to process the zoning change requests.
The day before the board was to vote on this budget item Uhler was served with a notice of recall.
The item was killed and Uhler now says he never seriously considered it. If that were true, it never would have appeared on the board agenda.
His track record since taking office is to find ways to circumvent the community, the Plan and zoning to make deals with developers for higher density.
He ignored existing zoning and the will of his constituents and used his influence to approve the car wash, a commercial retail and office complex in the Douglas 300-foot setback west of Quarry Ponds, and the Ranch del Oro Project.
His next deal is the Enclave, a 500 percent increase in zoning even though the MAC, the community, the Planning Department, and the Planning Commission have all rejected it.
Uhler is not accountable to anyone. Even those constituents who do not follow local issues know something is amiss.
Ask yourself: Is District 4 better today than when he took office? The recall may cost money, but the price of the alternative is too high.
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Marlene George is the chairwoman of Save Granite Bay and co-chair of the Committee to Recall Kirk Uhler. She is a 15-year resident of Granite Bay and owner and president of Counseling and Child Visitation Services. She has been active in land use decisions for the past 10 years.