Another View: Fighting to protect Roseville’s water supply requires your help

Susan Rohan, special to the Press Tribune
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On Nov. 15, the state of California will release what is likely the final draft of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, with the goals of providing a more reliable water supply for Southern California and restoring the ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The BDCP’s current draft modeling projections are alarming. They show that continuing sea level rise and increasing statewide water demands in the coming years are likely to draw Folsom Reservoir to such low levels in the driest years that Roseville might not be able to meet its water needs. Advancing a plan that enhances one area's water supplies while sacrificing the reliability of our water supply is unacceptable. The existing and long-term water needs of areas served by Folsom Reservoir, including Roseville, cannot be ignored in the BDCP if the result is truly meant to be a statewide solution.

In fact, once in every nine years, the plan indicates that the water level in Folsom Reservoir is projected to drop below the outlets through which Roseville draws its drinking water. This would turn Folsom Reservoir into a literal “dead pool.”

I have expressed in past opinion pieces, speeches and other venues that this “dead pool” scenario is simply unacceptable and reckless for the state of California to ignore. California needs to stop the current BDCP as it is currently written and instead work on a plan that includes solutions for increased water supply reliability for the whole state.

On Oct. 2, the Roseville City Council approved additional resources to support an enhanced advocacy and communications strategy that will work to protect Roseville’s water supply now and in the future. But the situation won’t change without more voices expressing their concerns about the future of our water supply.

Due to the complex nature of this issue, it is sometimes hard to know how to voice your opinion. Here are a few things you can do to express your opinion on this issue:

Educate yourself on the BDCP.  You can see where the city stands on this issue at and find links to the resources you need to understand the BDCP and how it could impact Roseville’s water supply.

Spread the word on the BDCP. Let your friends, family and neighbors know your thoughts.

Voice your opinion on the BDCP. By signing up for the e-blast at, you’ll get the resources you need to express your opinion to decision makers in Sacramento and beyond.

Engage the city. If you have any service clubs or organizations you think would benefit from a presentation on the BDCP from the city of Roseville, call (916) 774-5362.

The more our community speaks its mind on this issue, it increases the likelihood that our concerns over the BDCP are heard and that there will be serious discussions with all stakeholders on statewide water solutions that benefit all of California.