All-Stars: Longer tourneys, tougher rules on pitching

Several local teams start fast in pool play
By: Bill Poindexter/Roseville Press Tribune Sports Editor
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Youth all-star baseball tournaments aren’t what they used to be.

Little League, PONY, Cal Ripken — all have stricter pitching limitations in place than what they were several years ago. Little League limits a pitcher to a maximum 85 pitches per outing.

What makes it tougher is all-star tournaments also last longer. Teams are guaranteed three games in pool play before advancing to the championship round.

Lakeside breathed a little easier Monday evening after beating Maidu 5-0 in the District 54 11-year-old tournament at Maidu Regional Park. The victory evened Lakeside’s record at 1-1 (it lost to Ponderosa 7-1 on Saturday), and it received a complete game from Jade Foddrill, an 81-pitch beauty.

“It’s extraordinary,” Lakeside coach John LeBeau said. “It doesn’t happen very often, at least at our level. The 12-year-olds do it, but the 11-year-olds not so much.”

Foddrill allowed four hits and three walks, and he struck out four.

Lakeside’s defense helped, particularly shortstop Kenny LeBeau, who started double plays in the third and fourth innings.

“I still don’t feel like they’re going on all cylinders, but they played a heck of a game defensively,” John LeBeau said. “When you’re counting pitches in Little League, that’s really big. It saves a lot of pitches.”

Foddrill tripled in Collin Stanaway in the top of the first inning and scored on Kyle Sisco’s single to give Lakeside a quick 2-0 lead. Sisco had another RBI hit in the third, scoring Brandon Chinnapongse.

Stanaway singled in Jon Rogers and Kenny LeBeau in the sixth, and Foddrill finished his complete game to set up Lakeside for its final pool game against Gold Rush at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

“Our goal is to get to next week. We get to next week, and then we start over,” John LeBeau said. “It’s a dogfight at that point. We’re still in the hunt. It makes it fun. We’re excited to be in it.”

Other local teams are gunning for championship berths as well.

In Pool A at Maidu, Roseville West won its first two games before facing Woodcreek (1-0) on Tuesday, weather permitting.

In the Major tournament at Feist Park in Granite Bay, host Lakeside won its first two and was to face Woodcreek (1-0) on Tuesday in Pool A. Roseville West blanked Ponderosa 11-0 on Monday in its opener in Pool B.

Roseville West’s Junior all-star team was 2-0 in Pool B at Lembi Field in Folsom, and Maidu and Lakeside each won their openers.

At the 9- and 10-year-old tournament in El Dorado Hills, Maidu won its first two and Woodcreek won its opener in Pool A, and Roseville West split two games in Pool B.


At Lembi Field, Folsom
Wednesday’s local game:
Maidu vs. Gold Rush, 7 p.m. Thursday: Woodcreek vs. El Dorado Hills, 5. Friday: Maidu vs. Lakeside, 7.

At Feist Park, Granite Bay
Roseville West vs. Snowline, 5:30; Maidu vs. Gold Rush, 5:30. Thursday: Woodcreek vs. Folsom National, 5:30; Lakeside vs. El Dorado Hills, 5:30. Friday: Roseville West vs. Gold Rush, 5:30.

At Maidu Regional Park
Lakeside vs. Gold Rush, 5; Maidu vs. Ponderosa, 7:30. Thursday: Woodcreek vs. El Dorado Hills, 5; Roseville West vs. Folsom American, 7:30.

9- and 10-year-olds
At Mitchell Field, El Dorado Hills
Lakeside vs. Roseville West, 5. Thursday: Woodcreek vs. Folsom National, 5; Maidu vs. Folsom American, 7:30. Friday: Lakeside vs. Snowline, 5 p.m.; Roseville West vs. Gold Rush, 7:30.