Adelante students put in extra effort to collect cans

Go door-to-door to gather more than 200 cans for holiday food drive
By: Sena Christian, Staff Reporter
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The pizza party may have something to do with the three students’ efforts.

For about five hours over the course of two nights, the Adelante High School students went door-to-door in Roseville neighborhoods asking for canned food. The class that collects the most cans gets treated to a pizza party, courtesy of the campus’s Interact Club and leadership class.

But, mainly, the teens just wanted to help out families in need. They’ve so far collected more than 200 cans of food, which will go to St. Vincent dePaul in Roseville.

“(We did it) so families have stuff to eat this holiday season,” said Nick Cameron.

Cameron, 18, led the effort, which began Monday night as he sat around his house. He Facebook messaged friend Amanda Wallace, 17, and asked if she wanted to collect food with him. She agreed and they went to the Diamond Oaks neighborhood because it looks “rich,” they said.

“Then we went to a gated community and got twice as many cans as the other community,” Wallace said. “That’s because when you are in a gated community, they think you live there, too.”

The following night, the pair asked friend Vinny Contreras, 18, to join as they knocked on doors in the Morgan Creek neighborhood. Contreras said most residents were receptive to their request — one lady even let him use her restroom.

“It gives other families something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving,” Contreras said of their efforts.

The students hauled in six boxes of cans to show their social studies teacher Heather McQueen, who “freaked out” when she saw the large amount, according to Cameron.

Leadership teacher Katie Palatinus said it’s unusual for students to go and collect cans. Most just buy some from the store or bring items from home.

“They put in that extra effort,” Palatinus said.