Actors let down hair with 'Rapunzel (of the Bayou)'

Folsom Lake Entertainer
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The Roseville Theatre Arts Academy (RTAA) has created a brand-new fairy tale, “Rapunzel (of the Bayou).” Running through Nov. 5, this Treehouse production brings together the words of RTAA President Michelle Raskey and the music and lyrics of veteran Treehouse player Pam Coles. Why is this Rapunzel set in the swamp? “I started watching ‘Swamp People’ as a joke, but then grew to absolutely love the characters of the bayou,” said Raskey. “They were some of the most generous people I ever saw on television. They would catch a gator or a crawfish and literally take it home and invite everyone they knew to dinner.” Raskey said the people of the bayou have a deep appreciation of the land. “It just came to me: What if Rapunzel were set in the bayou? What if her family were ‘characters’ I had fallen in love with in the swamp?” she said. For more, visit or call (916) 772-2777.