At 90, Sawyer’s ahead of the curve

By: Danelle Wacker The Press Tribune
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Cora Lee Sawyer, 90, is living proof that you are never too old to change your lifestyle. For the past two years, she has devotedly been going to Curves and working out three times a week. “I decided to start coming here because I couldn’t get up out of my recliner so I would be stuck in it all day,” Sawyer said. “I had considered a gym, but I felt too intimidated. One of my friends suggested I try Curves, and I absolutely love it.” When Sawyer first started going to Curves, she said she had limited mobility and was unable to exercise for an extended period of time. “The first month, she would go through all of the equipment once and be done,” said Curves instructor Robin Smith. “The second month she would take a small break after one round then repeat it again, oftentimes leaving her cane that she once needed to move about.” As Sawyer began to exercise more often, she said different aspects of her life became deeply affected. “It used to be really difficult for me to get out of my chair at home,” Sawyer said. “However, now I am able to get up with little difficulty. Also, I went dress shopping for the first time in many years and I told the sales lady what size I had always worn, but she insisted that I was no longer a size 16, but a size 12.” Looking back on where the past two years have brought her, Sawyer said she is filled with only blessings. “I am reminded of my achievements every day as I am able to do simple tasks like getting the mail, going shopping and answering the door. The people at Curves have been such a help and are always there for me,” Sawyer said. “They constantly lift me up and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to have spent my 90th birthday in their company.” Smith said Sawyer is the perfect example for women out there who have wanted to get in shape, but aren’t sure if they can do it. “Her devotion and dedication is such an inspiration for those that think they can’t do it,” Smith said. “Cora Lee has become sort of an icon here at Curves. If Cora Lee can do it, anyone can do it.”