Roseville Garbage Truck engulfed in flames

origin remains unknown
By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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At 11:31 a.m. Monday, the Roseville Fire Department received a call reporting a city garbage truck engulfed in flames at the corner of North Sunrise Avenue and Eureka road directly behind America’s Tires.

The driver escaped unharmed and no injuries were reported, according to Roseville Fire Department spokeswoman Jaime Garrette.

Emergency personnel and firefighters quickly responded and the flames were doused.

Gold Country Media was on scene as Capt. Derek Carey explained what happened Monday morning.

“We got a call for a pasture/vehicle fire that was later updated as one of the city garbage trucks,” Carey said. “When we arrived, the cab was fully involved with flames impinging onto the garbage area toward the rear of the vehicle.”

Fire crews stopped the fire from spreading to the nearby pasture, according to Carey.

“We dropped two-inch three-quarter water lines on the ground to contain the fire as we were containing the runoff for the diesel and hydraulic fluid so it didn't get into the (nearby) storm drain,”Carey said. “We have checked the end of the storm drain and it is clear.”

The Roseville Fire Department is now working with the city’s stormwater department, waste water treatment department and the streets department to clean up all the fire fluids on the ground.

“Jake’s Towing is on scene to get rid of this guy (garbage truck) once we’re done,” Carey said.

Carey was then asked how this fire started, “We have no idea what the origin is at this point.”

An investigation is currently underway to determine the fire’s cause.