Steve Adams leads the way in awareness for child abuse

By: Brody Fernandez, Reporter
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The man behind a television show filmed in Roseville last weekend is a Roseville native with an aim to keep youth from becoming victims. 

Steve Adams 57, is a retired law enforcement officer who is now a leading proactive voice for preventing abuse.

He volunteered at the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Loomis Substation when he was 18. Adams got his first job as a law enforcement officer in 1979 at the Wheatland Police Department and then transferred to Folsom Police Department.

“Seriously, there were times working for Wheatland PD or Folsom PD where I would get one call a night, that call being a barking dog,” Adams said.

So he took a job at the Oceanside Police Department.

“This is where I learned a lot in my law enforcement career,” Adams said. “In one night, we would get as many calls as Folsom or Wheatland would in several months.”

After a 12-year service to Oceanside Police Department, Adams didn’t want to raise a family there so he moved back to Roseville in 1990. Shortly after the move, Adams divorced and then remarried.

Several years later,  Adams said, he learned that one of his children had been sexually abused. This drove him to bring not only an awareness but a proactive approach to prevent child molestation, child abuse and human trafficking.

Now a filmmaker, activist, founder and executive director of the nonprofit National Center for Child Safety and Awareness, Adams has made it his mission to show others that they don’t have to be a victim. 

“I’ve seen first-hand what these type of crimes do to a child, a family and yes, even a community,” Adams said. “It’s unthinkable but more than 2,000 kids go missing every day in the United States and more than 900,000 violent crimes were committed against children last year alone between the ages of 12 and 17.”

Now, Adams is filming a potential television show through 2019.

“Heritage Media is working hard to partner with a network, once filming is complete, to give us a schedule after filming,” Adams said.

“If you turn on your local news, you will see a segment regarding a child that was abducted or molested, abused or kidnapped and held captive,” Adams said. “We need a way to stop these monsters from hurting our children and that’s what this show is about.”

Saturday’s segment was filmed at West Coast Martial Arts/Israeli Martial Arts on 1402 Blue Oaks Blvd.

“This segment shows how to avoid becoming the victim of an abduction, molestation or other crimes against children,” Adams said.

“We will be filming in other locations throughout Roseville during the week, including talking with a mom whose children were molested and the suspect is now serving time in state prison,” Adams said.
He and his film crew, (Heritage Media Group) will travel throughout the United States this year and next year, interviewing other victims, suspects in prison for committing these type of crimes and law enforcement investigators.