Looking Back

By: Howard Stitt
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LOOKING BACK From our archives; compiled by Howard Stitt


10 Years Ago

Sept. 4, 2008

Services were held for Norman Carlyle Hargaray, 70, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy as a submariner. Moving to Loomis in 1976, Hargaray was the proprietor of Norm's Coins and Collectibles.

Terry Mouldings of Loomis, along with his sons, Carter, 5 and Colby, 7; are winners of the E-Street 2008 MX Series Champions in Motocross Racing.

Emma's Bed and Breakfast and the Gathering Place in Loomis will close their doors in October. Employee Peggy Abdon and manager Sharon Fondren will honor reservations made previously. The business is named after Emma Sorenson. She and her husband, Joseph Sorenson, had lived in the house in years past. Joseph Sorenson and a partner are remembered for starting the livestock auction in Roseville decades ago. Emma and Joseph's son, James LeVoy Sorenson, a well- known inventor, died in January. James LeVoy Sorenson invented the disposable surgical mask, disposable venous catheter, and developed the first real-time computerized heart monitor. A noted philanthropist, James LeVoy Sorenson was thought to be the richest man in Utah.

At the next meeting of the Loomis Basin Historical Society, Howard Fisher of Loomis will talk about the historical novels he has written.

Del Oro High School teachers Justin Cutts and Dylan Holcomb, both 1994 Del Oro graduates, decided their shared birthday party would be a fundraiser for a memorial scholarship. It would be in memory of Del Oro student Steffen Ohland who died in 2003. Steffen was a 15-year-old sophomore playing on Cutts' JV basketball team. An evening of dinner and dancing is planned. "It's important to continue Steffan's legacy," said Ben Vaughn. Another friend of Steffen's, Mike McKinney added, "He was always positive."

The century-old First United Methodist Church of Loomis has a newly-renovated sanctuary. Longtime church member Barbara Lewelling said, "I'm so happy that the Japanese heritage has been a primary focus." The church was founded in 1903 by a handful of Japanese farmers who settled in the Loomis Basin. They grew strawberries on the property to help pay for it.


25 Years Ago

Aug. 26, 1993

John Lee is retiring from the Loomis Volunteer Fire Department. "Two young 'whippersnappers' will take my place. They are good boys. Brian Diemer and Bobby Marshall are both firefighters and emergency medical technicians,” Lee said. “My nearly 25 years in the 'volunteer' section of the Fire Department has been a happy, rewarding and a very important part of my life. I'll see you on the sidewalk and in the drug store. Be careful out there."

A book-signing reception honoring Georgia Gardner will be held at St. Mark's Anglican Episcopal Church in Loomis. Gardner is the author of "Along the Georgetown Divide." The 87-year-old author is a native of Greenwood and spent long hours compiling stories for her book.

ARC-Placer County (Association for Retarded Citizens) will open in the building formerly occupied by Century 21 and Patchworks. The organization, serving the county since 1962, provides opportunities for people with disabilities to live a better-quality life.

Realty World-Hebard Real Estate, owned and operated by Roy Hebard, Jr., is officially welcomed into the Realty World System. Hebard, Jr.’'s business in Loomis was originally started by his father in 1949.

The Placer County Exhibit won a gold ribbon for "Best Exhibit" at the 1993 California State Fair.

The Placer County Water Agency will consolidate its operations into a central location after 36 years serving the public. "We held off on this building long enough. Our customers and our employees have had to endure some really tough conditions and inconveniences," said Board Chairman Ed Horton of Loomis.

Loomis resident Rory O'Farrell has joined Sutter Health as media producer in the Education and Organization Development Department. He is currently a member of the Loomis Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and serves as publicist for the Loomis Eggplant Festival.


50 Years Ago

Aug. 29, 1968

Army Specialist 4 Rodney Uratsu is assigned to the 218th Collection, Classification, and Salvage Company near Long Binh, Vietnam. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kiyoshi Uratsu of Rt. 1, Loomis.

Army Private John Defuentes, a 1966 Del Oro graduate, completed the ammunition storage course at the U.S. Army Missile and Munitions School at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.

Al Nitta reports that the overhead sprinkler system he installed last year on 15 acres of his plum and peaches really paid off in frost protection. He was ready in the spring when the temperatures were 32 degrees and below. The tiny fruit blossoms were soon crusted with ice which assured the temperatures of the blossoms and fruit did not go below the safe 27 degrees. Al, with his father, Charles, operates 50 acres of orchard on Del Mar Avenue in Loomis.

Nick Flores of Penryn is skilled in the areas of plumbing and carpentry and is looking for work.

The Awards Night for the Loomis 4-H Club took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nute. Receiving first-year pins: Tina Coleman, Carol Shoop, Teri Castro, Melody Ware, Marianne McKiver, Greg Walker, Todd Hongslo, Jim Casey, Cynthia Foster, Darlene Casey, Mary Pilling, Jeanie Taylor, Kathy Pilling and Tim McKnight. Two-year pins: Dawn Gade, Bobby Taylor, Alice Gade, Renee Thill, Diane Hongslo and Scott Hongslo. Three-year pins: Jeff Taylor, MaryAnn Krause, Eileen McKnight and Debbie Oaks. Four-year pins: Diane Nelthorpe, Mike Bidgood, Brenda Bolander and David Nelthorpe. Five-year pins: Darwin Bolander and Mickey Bidgood. Six-year pins: Bruce Bolander, Beth Nute and Bobby Rogers.


75 Years Ago

August 1943

    Harold Hansen of Loomis, stationed with the Army in Monterey, was home for a visit and went fishing on the Rubicon River with his brother, Bob.

Mrs. R.W. Harrison received word that her son, Jack, is serving with the military in Sicily. He reported that it is a very pretty country and would like to pay a visit after the war.

Miss Dorothy Stokes left Loomis to become a member of the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service).

Loomis School starts the 1943-44 school year on September 13, according to Dr. Seth Law, president of the Loomis School Board.

The Yamada ranch between Loomis and Penryn was the site of a fire. It was brought under control by the Penryn Fire Department.

As the fruit season is drawing to a close, the Oakland YMCA boys have returned to their homes. The prices were high for the fruit on the Eastern market. One car of Sharkey, Tragedy and late Santa Rosa plums brought in $6,175. The top price on some of that fruit was $7.35 per crate.

Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Rasmussen thanked the Loomis Fire Department for putting out a fire that threatened their property.

George Walters reported a stolen 400-pound sow from his place on the Brahms ranch, also known as the Sasaki ranch, 2 miles east of Loomis on Horse Shoe Bend Road.

There is an urgent need for 17 year old boys to serve in the Coast Guard. Requirements are 17 years of age, 8 years of schooling and parent's consent.

The "A" book coupon No. 7 is good for four gallons of gasoline and must last through September 21, 40 days from now. Book Number One Sugar Stamp 14 is good for five pounds to last through the end of October or 70 days from now.

Over 35 pounds of silk and nylon stockings have been turned in by the Loomis community in the past three months. A box is in front of the town library for donations.

(Standing Guard-oral histories) Clarke Hiroshi Kawakami leaves internment camp to enlist in the U.S. Army, MIS (Military Intelligence Service. He is sent to Camp Savage in Minnesota. His situation is unique in the fact that he is biracial. His mother is a white American and his father is a well-known Issei author.