Anytime Fitness owners break ground on Penryn gym

Location bigger and more versatile
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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Susan Arrabit and her husband, John; along with her twin sister, Sharon, and her husband, Donny; own three Anytime Fitness locations in Auburn, Grass Valley and Penryn. Penryn customers will soon get a bigger and better gym.

Arrabit said she and her husband, her sister, Sharon, and her husband, Donny, bought the Penryn ATF club in November from Ron and Mary Teseria. They are now ready to break ground on an expanded Anytime Fitness club in Penryn.

“My sister and I were raised in the Meadow Vista area and have always been very close, three minutes apart close to be exact,” Arrabit said. “I jumped into the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor back in 2010 and purchased my first gym in Auburn in 2012. My sister jumped in with me in 2015 opening a new Anytime Fitness in Grass Valley in the Brunswick shopping center.”

Arrabit and her sister have “always been active people playing sports together and have stayed very active with our communities, from coaching our kids in sports to putting together fundraisers.”

“Sharon is the quiet, organized, plan-it-out kind of person in the operation where I am the loud, shoot-from-the-hip-and-get-it-done type, which, surprisingly works well together,” Arrabit said. “She has always been my little sister and I have always been her big sister even though there is only three minutes between us.”

“We both love people, which makes the gym the perfect place for us because we really are in the people business, not the muscle business,” Arrabit added. “Anytime Fitness as a franchise has been great, allowing us to own a small business in a small community with the big business footprint where we can share our passion of health and wellness.”

The new building in Penryn will allow for more amenities, including training coaches, weight training, cardio, functional training, yoga and Zumba.

“We chose the best community to be a part of; small, rural and personal,” Arrabit said. “We are down-to-earth people who want to help the community get to a healthier place.”

Arrabit’s husband, John, said he is optimistic the community will support the new building.

“It’s an almost $2million building we are constructing for the communities of Penryn and Loomis,” John Arrabit said. “It is a significant upgrade in size, layout and amenities offered.”

John Arrabit said plans for the 4,675 square-foot building were approved in 2008 under the previous owner. The economic downturn kept the expansion plans on hold until now.

“Work has already started and we are hoping to be done by mid-January,” John Arrabit said. “It’s important to note that the project started in 2008 as part of the townhome development. At the time, the community had input into the design of the building so it will really suit the community well. Hopefully, it will be a place a lot of people want to come and work out at.”

In addition to a larger area, newer equipment and an expanded free-weight area, the new Penryn Anytime Fitness will also feature a Fitness Room with a Fitness-on-Request system.

John Arrabit, a former California Highway Patrol officer, paramedic and U.S. Army combat medic said he gets a thrill out of helping people.

“Believe me, my whole purpose in life was to save lives,” John Arrabit said. “Saving lives drove me for 30 years. There is nothing more rewarding than being part of helping people. I really feel that way in my heart and that’s the philosophy and culture of the entire Anytime Fitness organization.”

John Arrabit added that a member of one Anytime Fitness is a member of all 4,000 clubs worldwide.

“There is a different feel to Anytime Fitness clubs,” John Arrabit said. “It can be intimidating and we want people to feel comfortable and get started on the rest of their life.”

Jenny Knisley, Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce executive director, said she is looking forward to supporting Anytime Fitness as they expand.

“I’m super-excited for them,” Knisley said Tuesday. “I think this will be a great location, easy access and right on the border of Loomis and Penryn.”

Jolene Winters, a personal trainer, has worked at the health club for nine years.

“I think the new location will bring more exposure,” Winters said.

“There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve helped someone meet their goals,” Winters said. “You will not find a more friendly place to work out; everyone is like family.”