Thieves terrorize Roseville Wednesday in massive burglary

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Burglars terrorized Roseville by breaking into more than 30 cars.

The burglars broke into vehicles Wednesday night (July 18) parked outside Roseville businesses, according to police.

The Lazy Dog Restaurant, The Hyatt Place Hotel and The Falls Event Center were among the businesses affected as the break-ins occurred in their parking lots on the corner of Gibson Drive and Roseville Parkway, according to Roseville public information officer Rob Baquera.  

Gold Country Media asked Baquera whether this is usual behavior of burglars in this area.

“This is very unusual,” Baquera said. “We don’t normally see a large cluster of car break-ins like this.”

When asked if there are any precautions residents can take, Baquera advocated proactive behavior.

“Residents should always take valuables with them, hide what they can’t take, and ensure their car is locked,” Baquera said.

As of Friday, the suspects had not been caught.

“We need the public’s help on this one. If anyone has any information regarding these break-ins, we need your tips,” Baquera said. “We do not have anyone in custody.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Roseville Police Department at 916-774-5000.