Tobacco 4 Ever suspected of selling to minors

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Tobacco 4 Ever in Roseville is suspected of selling to individuals with no proof of age, according to Roseville officials.

The Roseville Police Department has received multiple reports and complaints regarding Tobacco 4 Ever at 4021 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. for the past several months, according to Roseville Police Department public information officer Rob Baquera.

On July 9, Roseville Police Sgt. Darren Kato investigated the tobacco store because of its reputation for selling smoking equipment and products with no proof of age or identification required.  

Also looked at was artwork displayed outside the store that violated a city signage violation. A Roseville resident told police that the artwork was offensive according to Baquera. The artwork contained illustrations of people smoking tobacco. Tobacco 4 Ever has since removed the artwork after realizing it did not have the correct permit for the signage, according to Baquera.

The other violations include violating the city and state law under the Business & Professions Code Section 22956, which requires vendors to establish the age of the purchaser if the purchaser reasonably appears to be under 21.

According to Kato, five individuals under the age of 21 purchased items from Tobacco 4 Ever and were not asked for their ID. Kato asked for the surveillance footage for that day (July 9) to prove employees at Tobacco 4 Ever failed to ID all five individuals; Kato was refused by the store’s manager when asked for the tapes, according to Baquera.

The five sources who cooperated with Kato did not want their names to be released while the investigation is ongoing, according to Roseville police.

The manager of Tobacco 4 Ever “Mr. Ali” (who would not give his first name) said Kato used fear and threatening behaviors toward him and his employees. “Mr. Ali” told Gold Country Media that his staff always checks ID’s and don’t sell to a person under 21.

In reference to Ali’s claims about Kato’s behaviors, Kato said, “We are bound by privacy laws as members of law enforcement. So the manager at Tobacco 4 Ever can say all he wants to say.”