Seven arrested at Roseville waterpark

By: Bill Sullivan, Associate Publisher
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The quick actions of security personnel at a popular Roseville water park resulted in the arrest of seven individuals for suspected lewd and lascivious acts during the Memorial Day holiday. The suspects were released on Wednesday afternoon and are due back in court on June 27.

On Monday afternoon, Roseville’s Golfland Sunsplash officials received reports of several men touching females. The witness statements in conjunction with those of park security officers provided probable cause for Roseville Police Department officers to arrest the suspects on multiple counts, according to Roseville Police Department reports.  

According to the Roseville Police Department, it appears that the men were operating within some type of a coordinated effort to inappropriately touch several female juveniles. At least one of the victims was reported to be under the age of 14.

Shortly after hearing the claims of the incidents from the victims and family members, the on-site security personnel quickly separated the victims and ensured that the suspects were isolated in a group among themselves before officers arrived.

“It appears that the individuals worked in a coordinated fashion to get a young victim near them or around them and then they proceeded to inappropriately touch the victim,” said Roseville Police Department spokesman Rob Baquera. “The kids involved in this situation reported it to on-site security and on-site security immediately reported it to the police department. That’s how we were able to apprehend these individuals.”  

Baquera added that it remains unclear if the suspected acts were pre-planned or acted upon randomly.

Sunsplash officials released a statement following the incidents and the arrests. 

“We at Roseville Golfland Sunsplash take allegations of this nature very seriously. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all of our patrons,” according to the Sunsplash statement. “We contacted the authorities immediately and will fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies investigating this matter. We are unable to discuss any details involving any ongoing investigations.”

According to Baquera, whenever someone sees or experiences something that seems inappropriate, they should never hesitate to report it. Such was the case in this situation. Baquera credited the actions of the water park and victims for assisting the park and the authorities, enabling them to make a timely response and subsequent arrests.

“It was swift thinking by these young ladies involved in this situation to report it to security,” he added. “We always recommend if you see something or something seems inappropriate, make sure you report it to appropriate personnel.”

All seven of the suspects were originally booked into the Placer County Jail on charges of committing lewd and lascivious acts with children under the age of 14 and conspiracy to commit a crime, police said.  

On Wednesday afternoon, all seven of the suspects were released from custody and ordered back to court on June 27.  According to the Placer County District Attorney’s office, there is not yet sufficient evidence to charge the suspects.

“The people do not have sufficient evidence and reports, as well as statements, in our possession to determine what evidence exists against each individual,” explained Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Ow. 

In a statement to media, Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Wilson said that the case remains under review and additional information is needed prior to making a decision on charges.

“We have requested that information and my understanding is that detectives from Roseville Police Department are currently working on obtaining additional information, including witness statements and video footage of the case,” Wilson said. “We are only going to make a decision as to what, if any, charges are appropriate once we have all the information.”

The suspects range in age from 18 to 34. It is reported that five of the suspects will require a Punjabi interpreter upon their return to court on June 27. Due to the ongoing investigation and uncertainty of the potential charges, photos and names of the suspects are being withheld, pending the ongoing investigation. 

No additional details have been released as the investigation continues.