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Bigger, bolder, better news coverage ahead

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In one week, this newspaper will embark on a change that is geared to benefit our readers, our advertisers and the community at large.  June 8, we are moving to become a Friday publication and will be bigger, better and bolder with more news than ever before.

In recent months, we have worked diligently to focus on getting back to community news and engaging with the community itself. We have met with many community members. From community leaders, public service agencies to just plain folks who love to have their newspaper each week, we have heard many compliments about the direction we have taken and we have heard many suggestions as well.

Two of the biggest suggestions we have heard time and time again involve news of the south region and the timeliness of when it appears in your local newspapers. Currently, in this particular newspaper, the news on our pages is often more than a week old due to press schedules, distribution logistics and a number of components that are part of the day-to-day operations of Gold Country Media.

In an effort to bring you a dose of more current news from the week, starting next Friday, this newspaper will publish on Fridays. This change allows us to bring you more up-to-date coverage of local community meetings, news of the week and a look ahead to the weekend, so you can make your plans to get out and about.  It’s a change we are very excited about and those we have told so far are just as excited.

So that describes one of the ways in which we plan to become better.  Now, here is how we plan to become bigger and bolder each week. All too often, there is big news in Rocklin that affects those in Loomis or is of interest to those in Roseville. While these three communities are one in their own, they are a tight-knit region as well.  Those who live in one community often patronize the others. 

So, instead of a publication with few pages each week, look for more pages in this local newspaper each week and bigger, bolder, better content as well. We will be bringing you an expanded weekly newspaper that is packed with all of your local news as well as what is happening throughout the South Placer region. Whether it is in Rocklin, Roseville or Loomis, we will have you covered right here in this newspaper each Friday.

More news, more features, more entertainment. Our focus will always remain on community and we strive to bring you the stories you aren’t going to find elsewhere.
Community newspapers are vital in the community in which they serve. We look forward to serving you like we have for more than a century. Only now we will be doing it in a bigger, bolder and better fashion with a dynamic, well-balanced newspaper produced by a staff that has earned several awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association in our other regions.

Your community deserves the support and service a community newspaper provides. We pride ourselves in being that community newspaper and invite you to join us on this positive journey ahead.

Publisher Tom Kirk can be reached at 530-852-0250 or Associate Publisher Bill Sullivan can be reached at 916-351-3750 or