Gunther bids farewell to Roseville Police PD

A new chapter begins
By: Brody Fernandez, Reporter
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Dee Dee Gunther, Roseville Police Department’s public information officer (PIO) since 1985, retired on May 24.

She worked seven years before that position as a Roseville Police Department dispatcher.

But majoring in English at Humboldt State University, Gunther did not plan this career choice.  

“Well, I really wanted to become an English teacher at first and throughout college,” Gunther said.

After teaching English for a year in Klamath Falls, Oregon, however, Gunther said that job was not for her. So she took a job as a police dispatcher in Klamath County and worked there until the Roseville dispatch position opened.

It was a smart career move for Gunther.

“I transferred to administration in my eighth year with Roseville as an admin analyst where I worked on things like securing grants for the department and working on special projects for the chief of police, along with other administrative tasks over the next 25 plus years as a PIO,” Gunther said. “I feel very fortunate because usually the department looks for a decorated police officer with an extensive law-enforcement background so this was not a typical way to fall into this position. I have always remained very thankful.”

Gunther reminisced last week about the changes she saw in Roseville since the late 1970s.

“When I started out here, Roseville only had about 23,000 people and yet still, it was the fastest growing city in Placer County. The biggest retail store was Mervyns at the time, which has since closed down,” Gunther said. “We even had bears and peacocks at a small zoo located in Royer Park. This was also a time where Roseville suffered some of the most severe floods in its history in the ’80s and ’90s.”  

Fast-forward to the mid-1980s and there were no movie theaters and limited restaurants.

“You had to drive to the old brown domes in Citrus Heights for a cool movie,” Gunther said. “As far as restaurants, there were only a couple of mom-and-pop places for good food.”

Historically, Roseville has maintained a technology base.

“HP and NEC Electronics were the two biggest employers back then and I think Roseville has always been a tech industry town since the railroads came through,” Gunther said.

Gunther enjoyed being a public information officer here.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the media and local reporters here in Roseville for all these years,” she said. “Keeping our community informed with up-to-date news and information is one of many reasons I love my job.  

But Gunther is happy about her lifestyle change.

“Whether it’s annoying my daughters full time or traveling before my knees won’t let me, I am looking forward to retirement,” Gunther said. “It’s a little scary but I know with the support system I have with my friends and family, it will be a nice transition. Sometimes, you have to walk through a door to see what's on the other side. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me next.”