5 Questions: Sacramento area musicians win Battle of the Bands in Roseville

By: Sydney Maynard, Press Tribune intern
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Some musicians dream of making it big. Fair Oaks resident Lance Mishleau, 28, and Arden resident Kyle McHargue, 21, won the Sacramento Battle of the Bands held at Club Retro in Roseville on Sept. 1 and are one step closer to making that dream a reality.

Mishleau has been playing in bands for 14 years and has been writing songs with McHargue for two years, performing as “Lance Mishleau & Kyle McHargue.” They have been playing with Folsom resident Jordan Lewinski, 22, for a few months and Battle of the Bands was their first show with Napa resident Matt Cowell, 35.

Forty bands from northern California competed in the battle, and after three rounds the competition was narrowed down to 10 finalists. The winners, Mishleau and McHargue, were chosen by the crowd and they won $500 along with 20 hours of studio time at the Formulation Room in Sacramento.

They have a show Oct. 12 in Napa. Stay up to date with their music and upcoming events at and

1. What kind of music do you play?

I've come to define it as passionate/aggressive/acoustic rock. 

2. Do you write songs or play covers?

We will do covers in some circumstances, but we definitely like to write music. It’s fun to be creative (and) have something that is yours. All being Christians, there is usually a deeper spiritual message behind every song as well. That is important to us.

3. Why did you decide to enter Battle of the Bands?

We were found by Gorilla Music Productions through my music's Facebook page. They were interested in having us play. It feels good to be sought out. I don't know if that was what it was like for all of the 40 bands, but when we were asked and knew the prize, we really thought we could do it. 

4. How does it feel to have won?

Like nothing else I've experienced. It was a thrilling event. In over 10 years of playing music I've never been in and won a Battle of the Bands. It's an awesome thing to be a part of and to see your fans really back you up and work for you, to see them get passionate about your music. The enthusiasm from them makes winning even more exciting because we can now get into the studio and give them something to listen to whenever they want. It's (humbling) and exciting all at once.

5. What are your band's goals for the future?

We are crazy excited to get into the studio. After winning, we have 20 hours of free recording. We also want to invest more time than even that into the recordings. We are putting a lot into coming up with the best album we can for our fans. The goal is to keep playing music and just (hope) that people will want to keep listening to it. There is talk about some west coast tours as well as some solo concerts in different parts of the country. We are definitely excited for the future.