5 Questions with Karen Holt

By: Bob Magnetti, The Press-Tribune
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Karen Holt has been the library supervisor at the Maidu Library for the past year and has been working in the Roseville city library system for 12 years. She is a graduate of USC with a master's degree in library science and also has a master's degree in business administration. Holt grew up in Southern California and has lived in the Auburn area for 17 years. She and her husband are the parents of two children “ one a student at UC Santa Cruz and the other a student at Placer High School. 1. How did you choose library science as a career? I've always liked books. I read a lot when I was little. (Working in a library), you can learn about things and can tie those into the job. It's a job where you learn a little about a lot of things. 2. What kind of books did you read when you were growing up? I liked fantasies a lot. I read the Narnia series when I was young. I also read biographies of historical figures. 3. How have libraries changed since you started your career? When I started, we had a huge card file. That's long gone. Everything now is in the computer. People can look things up online now. There's much greater access to information. 4. What kind of programs are offered to Roseville library patrons? We offer Storytime for preschoolers and also Mother Goose on the Loose for kids up to age 5. That includes 1-year-olds and that's something new. We have Tales to Tails where kids who have trouble reading aloud read to a dog. Each dog in the program has a trainer. It helps the kids get over their problems of reading in public. We're also taking a look at the ˜boomer market,' to figure out what they want to see in their libraries. 5. With so much material being available online, do you miss the interaction with the public? Actually we have a lot of people coming in, so there's still a lot of interaction. People come in to use the computers or to research something.