5 Questions with John Javidan

By: Nathan Donato-Weinstein, The Press-Tribune
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Roseville resident John Javidan is best known for his involvement in marquee Downtown Roseville events, such as the summertime Downtown Tuesday Nights and October's Family Fun Night. But the proprietor of Roseville Auto Smog on Vernon Street has another distinction. Since 2005, he's been the owner of a classic fire truck, which is often parked outside his business. It actually, like, works. We caught up with Javidan to answer some burning questions about the vehicle. 1. The fire truck. Just what exactly is it? Well, it's a '54 GM and it has two engines. A straight-six in front and a Chevy four-cylinder in back. Both motors are gas. The separate motor in back is to run the pumps. Both work. Both run¦ It's from Rancho Cucamonga. 2. So, how did you acquire the thing? Technically it found me. It belonged to a friend of (the owner of the antique store) All American Pastimes, who bought it ... He was a collector. I thought it was cool and I could use it for parades. 3. It wasn't some kind of deep-seated dream of being a firefighter? Not really. I always admired firemen, and we had fire station down the street from my house where I grew up that I would visit. But I never really wanted to be a fireman and I think the reason why is they're the first people to show up on accident scenes and I never wanted to do that. The actual fighting fires is OK. 3. What can this baby do? And don't leave out gas mileage. First gear will barely get you past the line in the intersection. It's that low of a gear. But you can take it up to almost 50 mph. Forty-five feels comfortable. Gas mileage, I don't know for sure. But I'd assume about four, and I'm pretty good at that. 4. You run an auto smog shop. So tell me “ knowing classic vehicles are exempt from smog tests, but would this baby pass smog? No way. There's no smog equipment on it. There wouldn't even be a standard to test it by. But it runs as good as that vehicle will run. 5. What are your plans for it? It just needs some cosmetics to look better and then it needs brakes. We're planning on using it in the parades this year for the first time. It's nice about having it at the shop; the kids can play on it as a jungle gym while their parents wait.