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Thank you, Roseville!

By: The Press Tribune
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In recent weeks, we’ve been listening more than ever before.  What we heard gives us confidence that we can improve your Roseville Press Tribune.  We have reached out to Roseville to wrap our arms around this amazing city.

Let’s start with our recent visits to City Hall.  We’ve listened to the mayor, vice mayor, public affairs and communications director, public information officer and council members.  These discussions have been refreshing, enlightening and inspiring.  Our relationship with the city of Roseville is stronger than ever and will continue to grow.  The wealth and breadth of talent working on behalf of the citizens of Roseville is impressive and should be applauded. 

In the coming weeks, The Roseville Press Tribune will build our local coverage based on several discussions we’ve had with citizens.  A local veteran called us a few weeks ago and offered up his insights into the many military heroes living in our community.  We are working to build a regular series highlighting the inspiring stories our local veterans can provide.

Last week, we received a letter from a Roseville resident.  She started the letter “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” for printing the story about the Roseville Police Officer, Donald Mason, that rescued the young child.”  She went on to write, “What a pleasure to see a GOOD story for a change about our police officers.”  We could not agree more.  While we report the news, it is our mission to “hunt” for the many positive things occurring every day in the greater Roseville community.

It is our mission as your community newspaper to deliver to you accurate and timely news, local information and local advertising.  In the weeks ahead, you will begin to see a bigger, better, bolder Roseville Press Tribune.  In addition to more local content, regional content will be added. The South Placer region works very well together and is rich with local business, local parks, local arts and entertainment, and much more.  In recent months, we’ve made several staffing changes all geared to best communicate with readers, advertisers, city officials, service clubs, and all the stakeholders in Roseville.

Thank you, Roseville, for allowing The Press Tribune to be your community newspaper.  We are always interested in your comments and input on how we can improve. Publisher Tom Kirk can be reached at tomk@goldcountrymedia, or by phone at 530-852-0250