Another view: Regina Bateson is the candidate to represent our national security interests

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Each administration determines the pillars of their National Security Strategy which evolves from year to year.  Over the past 10 years, a National Security Strategy has been developed for only three of those years with two from the Obama Administration and one from the Trump Administration in 2017.  For the Obama Administration, the pillars were security, prosperity, values, and international order. The Trump Administration chose 1. Protect the American people, the homeland, and the American way of life, 2. Promote American prosperity, 3. Preserve peace through strength, and 4. Advance American influence.

When I think about the national security of the United States of America today, my first thought is cyber-attacks from other countries or entities outside the U.S. and the current issue of Russia meddling in our election process.  Following those, several other matters come to mind such as the financial and geopolitical uncertainty from trade disputes brewing with China, Mexico and Canada, the regular occurrences of domestic terrorism and deaths from gun violence, the destabilization of our workforce from the lack of prepared candidates coming from the U.S. education system to fill jobs of the future, and the uncertainty of the many immigrants that contribute to our prosperity. The responsibility for developing plans around these and the many other concerns for one cohesive strategy include the contributions of hundreds if not thousands of people with responsibility falling to the National Security Council based on input from cabinets and a variety of ambassadors, military leaders, and administrators to ensure execution.

With the high levels of conflict and added focus on domestic issues and immigration in today’s environment, it’s critically important that members of Congress can listen, explain, and find common ground toward progress. Regina Bateson brings about a unique perspective and experience that will thrive in this environment. She will be the only serving member of Congress to have approved and rejected applications for immigrants to enter the country. Leveraging her background working as a diplomat, Regina can also guide legislation, empathize with human needs while protecting the country, and provide a viewpoint on policy to address those seeking to escape war torn societies. She’s the only candidate in the CD04 that brings the ability to not only resist the poor behavior of Trump but to also lead and educate to get past the Washington gridlock.

Beyond domestic issues, Regina is a recognized authority on military affairs and security matters coming from civil wars. Regina’s work and research allows her leverage her on-the-ground involvement to understand hotspots such as Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and more.  She actually grasps what’s needed to stabilize those places after civil war, how to support the refugees in making a peaceful and safe transition back to their homes, and how the U.S. helps to ensure a responsible evolution to a democratic partner. And even today she maintains the support and respect of individuals such as Michael McFaul who is the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia and worked for the U.S. National Security Council.  She’s the military security analyst with relevant and current knowledge to represent the district on national security matters.

Regina Bateson brings the credentials, research, and judgement to bring about the leadership on national security needed in Congress. Her credible track record and experience is unmatched in the race for CD04.

LaMills Garrett, Roseville