Oakmont student steps up and shaves it off for St. Baldricks

Bald for a cause
By: Aurora Sain, Reporter
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One brave 15-year-old decided to shave her head in front of her entire school to raise money to end childhood cancer.

Oakmont High School freshman Zoe San Miguel took the plunge during the school rally on April 6 with the help of Sport Clips.

“I’m very nervous, not for the cut, this is such a good cause, a little hair is nothing compared to what these kids go through,” San Miguel said.

The event was in partnership with St. Baldricks Foundation. A dozen others participated but San Miguel was the only girl.

“I think a lot of girls are scared,” she said. “This is so much greater than caring about being judged.”

San Miguel knew she had to get involved when she found out her school was participating.

When she was 12 years old, one of her best friends was diagnosed with cancer. Later she beat the cancer. Now the foundation has a special place in San Miguel’s heart.

Oakmont High School had a goal of raising $5,000 and San Miguel was responsible for about $2,800 of it.

San Miguel’s mother tweeted radio station 92.5 The Bull and received support and more donations.

After the ceremony, The Bull gifted San Miguel with tickets to see musician Taylor Swift.

The shaving took place in front of the whole school, which was more nerve-wracking to the teen.

With long locks past her shoulders, San Miguel’s full cut took about five minutes to complete.

San Miguel was gifted a hat. Although not having hair felt weird, San Miguel said, she wasn’t covering up her head.

“I’m gonna rock the bald,” San Miguel said. “Bald is beautiful.”