College Corner

Sierra College 'Love Your Body' week

By: Aurora Sain, Reporter
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College Corner is a recurring feature that highlights news and coming events from Placer County’s institutions of higher learning.

Sierra College wants to celebrate diversity in students by hosting the 12th annual “Love Your Body” week.

The events on April 11 and 12 include speakers, panel discussions, student projects and teach-ins aimed at loving the size, shape, color, gender and abilities of everyone’s bodies.

“We must challenge the mainstream notions of the ideal body,” said Megan Seely, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Sierra College. “Love Your Body Week gives us the opportunity to educate and empower while dispelling the myths and misconceptions perpetuated by advertising, media, and popular culture.”

The Love Your Body Campaign was started in 1998 by the National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation as a part of their Women’s Health Project. The intent of the Love Your Body campaign was to call attention to negative and harmful advertising and its impact on women and girls’ self-esteem.

Some of the events include a feminist art show, talks and student projects.

Love Your Body is an interdisciplinary event fully conceptualized, organized, and executed by Sierra College faculty, staff and students. The public is invited and encouraged to attend this free week of events.