Local heroes honored by Sheriff Bell

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Two local Placer County heroes were honored Monday morning at the Placer County Sheriff’s Office headquarters in Auburn.

Isabel Pierce and Tyler Metildi were honored by Placer County Sheriff Devon Bell and each received the prestigious Citizen’s Medal of Merit award.

Isabel was honored for her bravery and focus when her father, Brian Pierce, was shot the night of Jan. 11 by a driver in a passing vehicle on Rock Springs Road in Newcastle, according to Bell.

After her father was shot, according to Bell. Isabel noticed her father was bleeding from his chest. Without hesitation, Bell said, Isabel held a sweatband in place, applying pressure to her father's wound. This allowed Brian Pierce to keep driving to the Loomis Fire Station, where he sought medical attention and was saved by first responders.  

“Isabel remained calm and composed during the entire incident,” Bell said. “Isabel knew she had to remain focused to keep her dad alive. Isabel has a big heart, big composure and big courage.”

On Monday, Isabel said she never knew how serious her father’s injuries were that night.

“I just remembered praying when we were on our way to the fire station,”  Isabel said. “I remember my dad asking me to pray and I’m glad I did that.”

Isabel, excited about receiving the medal, will now focus on school and playing sports with her friends.

Isabel will be recognized again for her bravery Friday at Placer Elementary School.

Sheriff Bell also honored Tyler Metildi, 26, of Lincoln on Monday.

According to Bell, Metildi is being recognized for “choosing to act,” as opposed to becoming another bystander during a serious incident Jan. 11.

That night, Placer County Sheriff’s detectives attempted to arrest a burglary suspect thought to be armed and dangerous, according to Bell. The suspect assaulted the first responding deputy by knocking him to the ground at Best Buy in Roseville..

At the time of the incident, Metildi was a loss prevention officer there. When Metildi spotted the wanted suspect assaulting one of his deputies, Bell said, Metildi tackled the suspect to the ground.

“He did this because frankly, he thought it was the right thing to do,” Bell said. “He put his job and his safety on the line to help law enforcement.”

Metildi said he was later fired from Best Buy for engaging the suspect while on the clock. Best Buy offered him his job back, Metildi said, but he didn’t take it.

Metildi, a seven year U.S. Army Veteran, wants to instead focus on a career in law enforcement.

“I really don’t like all the attention,” Metildi said. “This was something I did that night and I’d do it again. I’m very honored to receive this medal.”

Bell was appreciative of Metildi’s actions.

“To be honest, at a time when critical incidents happen and people are all too eager to grab their cell phones, how refreshing it is when we have someone willing to take action,” Bell said.