Letter to the Editor: So I’m a Marxist now?

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Rep. Mcclintock was thanked by a letter writer to the paper for voting no on the tax bill when it was first brought to the House. He had a chance to vote again on December 20th, and he voted yes this time.

Was his first vote a "throw-away" because he knew the plan would pass without his vote? Did he vote no because he truly is what he claims to be, a fiscal conservative who doesn't want the national debt to increase $1.3 billion as the CBO says this bill will do? Or is he simply like the rest of Congress, voting with party at all times?

When he spoke about his vote to ultimately pass the bill, he referred to his constituents who disagreed with him as Marxists, tax illiterates and filled with class envy. Really?

In the past he called me and others who show up at Town Halls, anarchists. I guess now, we've been promoted to being Marxists. In all my 72 years, I've never been referred to in this manner and I resent it. I hope my fellow citizens resent this name calling also.

Disagreeing with one's Congressperson is a right in this country. At least it is so far.


Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn