12 Days of Giving: WWJD van brings aid to the homeless

By: Michelle Carl, Managing Editor
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During the 12 Days of Giving from Nov. 23-Dec. 4, the Press Tribune will feature a new nonprofit online every day and share how you can help its mission.

For around 20 years now, the What Would Jesus Do? van has been rolling out to deliver food to the homeless in Roseville.

The van delivers hot coffee, oatmeal, bag lunch and snacks — enough food to subsist upon for a day, said Mike Troy, president of What Would Jesus Do?, Inc.

Although his title sounds lofty, Troy stresses he’s strictly a volunteer like the other 150 volunteers that keep the organization running.

“We are a 100 percent volunteer organization, and no one is paid,” he said. “All money we receive goes directly to the homeless.”

Donations pay for food, gas and insurance — that’s it, Troy said. And he’s happy to report that the nonprofit actually broke even on its expenses this year.

“But we barely make it every month,” he said. “And the need we’ve seen in the last three or four years has really gone up. We’ve gone from serving 40-60 people a day, and now we always average 60-90. The mix of people we see isn’t middle-aged older white men, there’s more women and families, just more people in need.”

Nonprofit name: What Would Jesus Do?, Inc.

Mission: Use mobile vans staffed by volunteers to take food and clothing to homeless in Roseville and the foothills.

How to help: Organizations can sponsor the van for a day for around $200. “Behind-the-scenes” volunteers are needed to help with marketing, website administration and outreach.

Contact: Kathy Kossick at (916) 223-6990

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