Roseville residents oppose proposed Dutch Bros. location

Residents gather nearly 400 signatures in opposition.
By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Plans for a second Dutch Bros. location in Roseville at the intersection of Douglas Boulevard and Donner Avenue has made several nearby residents upset. While some are excited, nearby residents have gathered almost 400 signatures avidly opposing the project.

Gold Country Media received dozens of emails from residents concerned over the lack of oversight and traffic congestion that the proposed location would cause.  

“There is already enough traffic on Folsom Road,” said Roseville resident Marta Betts. “Removing part of the median at the end of the street in order to direct Dutch Bros. traffic either right or left will be a huge safety issue as well as increasing traffic on Folsom Road,” Betts added. “Now, the city wants to add a Dutch Bros., which will direct traffic onto Folsom Road. Not to mention all of the complaints from residents from multiple Dutch Bros. locations. I can only imagine what Folsom Road will be like in the mornings before school and in the afternoons if a Dutch Bros goes in.”

Roseville resident Rich Parkhurst said that the neighborhood simply can’t handle the traffic and volume of cars if the proposal is approved.

“The old neighborhood isn't equipped to handle the traffic load. The excessive traffic is a danger to our families and the business model threatens our property values,” Parkhurst said. “Most of us agree that a business in this location is a great idea, just not a drive through Dutch Bros.”  

Roseville resident Joshua Lickter said the recent traffic study doesn’t reflect all of the raised concerns.

“I believe the most recent traffic study is completely bogus,” Lickter said. “It does not take into account traffic statistics from the most busy Starbucks and Dutch Brothers locations. In fact, it intentionally excluded data from ‘high traffic’ locations.”

“The power of the people may win out in the end,” Lickter said.

“Placing a kiosk at this location, when I know that at least 350 of my neighbors oppose it, seems completely counter to (Dutch Bros.) corporate mission and culture.”

Gold Country Media reached out to the city of Roseville about the plan.

“The project is still being processed so no decisions or recommendations have been made at this time,” said city spokesman Brian Jacobson. “We are targeting bringing the project to the Dec. 13th Planning Commission for the commission’s consideration.

Project Information, including the traffic study, can be found at   

Mattie and Brian Place, the owners and franchisees of the current Roseville and Granite Bay Dutch Bros. and possibly the proposed location in question, also reached out to Gold Country Media to address the concerns.

“Dutch Bros. anticipates and prepares for increased traffic flow and energy around new locations, which usually subsides over time,” Place explained. “We are excited to join the Roseville community and want to be a good neighbor. If a problem arises, we will work with the community to correct it.”