Decision 2018; City Council Elections

Halldin, Clark-Crets, Bernasconi top area council votes
By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Loomis Town Council has a new face. Jan Clark-Crets captured more than 30 percent of the total vote with 942 votes on Election Night, according to the Placer County Elections Office.

Clark-Crets wanted to thank the Loomis voters.

“Thank you to the people of Loomis for voting for me. I am so humbled and, at the same time, so excited to be elected to our Loomis Town Council.” Clark-Crets said. “It will be an incredible privilege for me to serve our citizens and I am ready to get to work with our other council members.”

Clark-Crets also thanked her fellow candidates in the race.

“I want to thank all the candidates in this race for running positive and respectful campaigns and I hope the message is clear that positive campaigning can be extremely successful,” Clark-Crets said. “Again, what an incredible honor it is for me to have earned the votes from our people. Thank you.”

Incumbent Jeff Duncan won a tightly-contested race for second-place to retain his council seat and edged out fellow seated member Brian Baker by 43 votes. Duncan captured 25.5 percent of the votes.

Duncan reached out to Gold Country Media to express his appreciation for Loomis residents.

“I want to thank everyone who supported and voted for me to represent them as their Council member,” Duncan said. “I’ll continue to encourage citizen participation in our council meetings and welcome the input from our residents of Loomis.”

Baker will also retain his seat by placing third with 744 votes and 24.19 percent of the vote.

“It’s been an honor serving the residents of Loomis over the last four years,” Baker told Gold Country Media. “I’m thankful to the people of Loomis for their trust and confidence in me. We will continue to make significant improvements to our town by strengthening the town’s financial position for future generations through economic development and by giving much needed support to small businesses to be successful. I’m excited for the future of Loomis.”

Newcomer David Ring finished last with 575 votes or 18 percent of the total vote.



Bill Halldin was the top vote-getter in Rocklin’s race for City Council, raking up nearly 40 percent of the total vote with 8,541 votes. Halldin reached out to Gold Country Media about the big win. “I am honored to have been elected to serve our community,” Halldin said. “While I’ve lived in Rocklin for nearly 20 years, I learned a great deal about our community as I spoke to thousands of residents campaigning door-to-door in neighborhoods throughout the entire city.”

Halldin expressed Rocklin’s vision moving forward.

“I look forward to working with other members of the council to ensure that the excellent quality of life we enjoy in Rocklin is maintained and improved in the years ahead for all residents, with Rocklin always being known as a safe community,” Halldin said.

Incumbent Jill Gayaldo retained her seat as she captured 33.37 percent of the total vote with 7,204 votes. Michele Vass was unsuccessful in her bid for one of the two open seats and finished last with 5,789 votes or 26.83 percent.



Krista Bernasconi was Roseville City Council’s big winner as she grabbed more than 28 percent of the total vote with 14,581 votes. She will be sworn in as vice mayor on Dec. 10.

“I’m thrilled the campaign is over and now I can focus on the service aspect of being elected,” Bernasconi told Gold Country Media. “I am looking forward to getting on board as the city’s vice mayor. I plan to be accessible and hit the ground running on day one.”

Pauline Roccucci received 11,770 votes and took the second of two open seats as she totaled 22.64 percent of the vote.

Roccucci spoke to Gold Country Media  about her victory.

“I want to thank all the people who helped me run for the Roseville City Council position,” Roccucci said. “Their hard work and determination helped me succeed. I also want to thank my husband, Richard, who was my treasurer and main supporter. I’m looking forward to serving you as your council member.”