Roseville Utility services suffer disruption

City grants extended deadline for residents to pay bills
By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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After suffering from “intermittent connectivity issues,” Roseville city officials confirm that the city’s utility services are back online and functional.

Roseville operates its own utility company and PG&E serves the rest of Placer County.

Starting the morning of Oct. 3, the city’s Twitter account released a statement saying there were issues with the online services website: “While still accessible, our website is having some intermittent connectivity issues. If you are unable to connect to it, please try again. Thank you for your patience as we work to solve the problem.”

One week later following more complications reported, the city of Roseville posted again on Oct 10: “We are still experiencing outages to our phone and email systems, as well our online utility bill pay and online permitting.”

These tweets and notifications continued through Oct. 12 when the city assured residents via their online website and Twitter that services are now functional. During the outages, the city informed residents to visit where residents could find phone numbers for city services if they had any questions or concerns.

Apart from some overtime pay for employees tasked to fix the issue and some equipment replacement costs, there was no fiscal impact for the city due to service disruption, according to city officials.  

“The issue is resolved. It was resolved Friday afternoon,” said city of Roseville spokesman Brian Jacobson.

Jacobson addressed the disruption’s origin.

“The disruption was caused by some new network hardware and software configuration issues,” Jacobson said. “Because of the disruption, we are not disconnecting any utility services nor charging late fees on utility bills until Oct. 22 to give our utility customers a chance to get their bills paid.”

City employees worked hard to resolve the issue so residents could utilize their online services, according to Jacobson.

“Our I.T. staff worked around the clock to find and solve the problem. We made every effort to minimize the impact to our residents and businesses,” Jacobson said. “We thank them for their patience.

According to city officials, about 60 percent of Roseville’s residential and commercial customers utilize the online system.

Jacobson told Gold Country Media that Roseville Utilities remain a top priority for the city. “Providing exceptional customer service is a top priority so we made every effort to minimize the impact to our residents and businesses,”  Jacobson said.