Roseville Council earns Americanism Award

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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A special award was presented Wednesday to the Roseville City Council during a short 30- minute council meeting. An Americanism award was presented to the city of Roseville from the California-Hawaii Elks Association honoring Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan for her leadership in the area of Americanism and patriotism as her time as mayor.

“It is an honor tonight to give this certificate to Mayor Rohan in recognition for outstanding excellence in promoting Americanism and patriotism in our fine city,” said an Elks Association representative.

Rohan then expressed gratitude for the award on behalf of City Council.  

The only other item on the agenda was an update and presentation of the groundwater sustainability plan development update.

On Sept. 16, 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a three-tier legislative package known as the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, according to a staff report. For the first time, the state moved to establish a legal framework for sustainable management of groundwater basins locally through the formation of Groundwater Sustainability Agencies, according to the staff report.  

“The good news is that everything is at sustaining levels here in Roseville,” said Placer County principal management analyst Brett Story. “There are a few wells that are in question after our annual assessments but none of those were drinking water wells. Our drinking water in Placer County is up to all the standards.”

Story spoke about the severe drought that Calfornia faced in 2015 and how it has affected groundwater levels in Roseville.

“As the state has said, our drought lasted four to five years. We really only went through a two- year drought,” Story said. “During those droughts, our groundwater dropped about seven feet. Unlike higher elevations in Placer County such as Rocklin, Story said, Roseville saw a drop in water levels.

“Altogether though, we have a very sustainable basin,” Story added.

The Sustainable Groundwater Management project will share some results with the public next spring as the project is still three months behind schedule in an effort to secure and finalize funding, according to Story.


Other council news

An Economic Development Advisory Committee appointment was finally decided on as council had postponed this appointment for two weeks until Vice Mayor Bonnie Gore was in attendance. On Oct. 3, council was deadlocked on different candidates as the council could not decide from the talented pool of applicants.

Angela Tsukiji was appointed to the  economic development advisory committee.