Roseville couple celebrate 65 years of marriage

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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Jim and Irma Keenan are Roseville residents who have lived in the area nearly their entire lives.

The happy couple celebrated 65 years of marriage at a Sept. 29 party hosted by their daughters, Lois Gallivan and Paula Lubinsky.  

Surrounded by family and friends, the Keenans renewed their wedding vows at their Roseville house, presided over by Deacon Carl Kube of St. Clare Catholic Church.

Jim Russell Keenan was born on Jan. 12, 1934 in Sacramento. Irma Laura Cons was born on Oct. 7, 1936 in Roseville. They were married in Reno on Sept. 29, 1953, according to Gallivan. Shortly after, Jim and Irma had their marriage blessed at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Roseville.  

Jim worked for 40 years as an operating engineer and Irma was a proud business owner of Stepping Up Interior Design.

When asked about his childhood, Jim reminisced about being a Boy Scout.

“I spent my early years in Sacramento where I went to elementary school and loved being a Cub Scout,” Jim said. “I also enjoyed horseback riding at William Land Park and played baseball at McKinley Park in the ‘weight division’ where my big brother, Bill, was the coach of our sandlot team.”

Jim’s family moved to Rocklin during his adolescent years where he attended Roseville High School. Jim graduated with the Class of 1951 and was quite an athlete as he was on the boxing team, football team and baseball team at Roseville.

“One of my hobbies was working on and cruising in my 1934 Chevy,” Jim said.

When his father died in 1950, Jim dropped out of college to work and help his mother pay the bills and support the four children in his family during tough times.  

When Irma was asked about her childhood, Irma shared that she loved to dance.
“One of the highlights for me was ballet and tap dancing classes,” Irma said. “Art was my favorite subject in school.”

Irma graduated with the Class of 1954 at Roseville High School. Her family attended St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in its old location, where Roseville City Hall now stands.

Shortly after their marriage, Jim and Irma continued living in Placer County to be close to family and Jim’s work as an operating engineer in Placer and Sacramento counties.

The two were asked by Gold Country Media about the biggest changes in Placer County over the years.

“The biggest changes in Placer County that we have seen is population growth,” Jim said.

Irma added to that statement.

“Roseville had boomed and Granite Bay has become its own city and Douglas Boulevard went from two lanes to multi-lanes,” Irma said.

Jim added, “The phones we used went from four digits and a party line on a rotary dial phone to a digital smartphone,’ Jim said. “And that’s only one example of the leaps seen in technology.”

When asked about the secret to their happy marriage of 65 years, the Keenans said it’s just about finding that special someone.

“I married the right person and we trust one another,” Jim said.

Irma also had some kind words.

“Jim is a good husband and that I’m grateful that God placed him in my life,’ Irma said.  I’m grateful as Jim always joined me in my travels. We listening to music, danced and raised our twin daughters together. Now we love sharing in the lives of our six grandchildren.”

Their grandchildren are Molly, Caroline, Brett, and Sean Gallivan; and Jillian and Jenner Lubinsky.

The couple is grateful to Roseville High School because that’s where they met.

“It was at a football game so many years ago,” Irma said. “And all these years later, I’m glad to have said ‘I do’ on Sept 29, 1953.”

Happy 65th wedding anniversary, Jim and Irma.